2018 Season of Prayer


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Praying is really important for CLC.  We were born from prayer & we’ve enjoyed many milestones along our 20 years history–talking & listening to God along the way.

I remember when we were considering renting Portugal Place — the student house that embodied our unconventional approach to blessing students while blurring boundaries and experimenting with words like community and authenticity.  This great blessing was a decision which was preceded by an answered prayer–this one was for the down-payment (as our requests to God can be practical and so can His answers!)

A few years before that CLC was bursting with vision to reach students and see Jesus do something new in their world.  So what did we do?  We dreamed and we talked and we acted.  But also we prayed.

The heartfelt and persistent prayer of a righteous man (believer) can accomplish much [when put into action and made effective by God—it is dynamic and can have tremendous power].  James 5:16b


We prayed specifically, effectively, passionately, asking Him to send us three key students as we didn’t know anyone inside the illustrious walls and gates of our city’s fine university.   And, He did!  Not right away, but thanks to His righteousness and love, He heard our trusting requests and answered with a ‘Yes!’.

More recently, only last year, I’ve been asking us to join me praying for visitors and guests and new folks to join CLC.  My specific prayer has been:

  • add our next youngster
  • add or next family
  • add our next worker who we can release to take us forward reaching out

Well, have you met our young guests in December?!  We’ve had grandchildren and a grandparent–what fun!  Come on, let’s keep  asking, seeking and knocking!

Our season of Prayer starts this month and it’s a special chance for us to meet Him together, hear Him for our church and our communities.

We know prayer is about so much more than just asking.  While we talk and listen to Him, He changes us, blesses us, grows us more and more into the people that He always intended us to be!   Sometimes it’s great to be with Him, to enjoy Him with our agenda’s set aside. That’s what we’ll be doing Be Still and Know that He is God at our Sunday evening, Jan 7th, gathering at the Cades.   You are welcomed to come around 8pm and we’d love you to join your prayers together.

love & blessings,