Adventures in Pottery


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(re)create learned how to do pottery this month. Under the skilled eye of Annie, we rolled, cut, shaped, moulded, wet, dried and eventually FIRED a selection of pots, plates, bowls, piggy-banks and other ornaments. Why? To get creative, learn new things and have fun – also to interact with one of the most Biblical of activities; to appreciate what the Bible means when it likens God to a potter and us to the clay (Isaiah 64:8), to hold in our hands the same kind of jars Gideon’s army broke to reveal their lights and startle their enemies (Judges 7:20), and to get the beautiful analogy of having ‘treasure in clay jars’ (2 Corinthians 4:7).

… If only it were that simple! We found out that in our modern lives we don’t really have all the know-how to so easily produce ceramics! Or at least, it’s not so easy! The ‘kiln’ (an oil drum packed with flammable things) mostly made our beautiful creations smash, exploding from within as the heat hit them. Having said that, a few recognisable and very well ‘vitrified’ (learned a new word, means made hard and brittle) items did emerge from the flames! Good fun, thanks Annie.


Happily Moulding & Shaping


In pieces...

In pieces…

Aligning Rescued bits of 'Vitrified' Pottery

Aligning Rescued bits of ‘Vitrified’ Pottery