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2017 Baptism Photos


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fun Swim, light lunch and water baptism.  Fantastic!

what a great day.  They say that when one sinner repents there is much rejoicing in Heaven.  There was much rejoicing in CLC too.

CLC Baptism & Family Fun Swim 2017


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What is Baptism and why might you choose to participate in such a ceremony?

Pickle It’s like a cucumber being dunked and becoming a pickle.  The Christ follower is dunked temporarily, but the permanent change to the gerkin signifies the fact that we as Christians are never the same again!  We are a new creation.
Facebook event information here. We have learnings to hear and see for your consideration plus Sarah & Tim from a previous CLC baptism here:

Detailed help finding Impington Village College Sport Centre below:Full directions are here.

The Impington Sport Centre is not at the same entrance as the college, so here’s a few photos to help so you get there early so you don’t miss out on any of the fun:

You’re almost there, but don’t turn here.


This is the Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital, if you see this on your right while you’re on New Road,, take the next turn on the same side of the road:

Cambridge Lea hospital entrance


This is the correct turn from New Road

Here’s the turn off from New Road that you want to take, with the IVC logo and sign saying “Sports Centre” below:

IVC Sports Centre Sign

After that turn, take the immediate left and you’re in the car park:

IVC Sports Centre car park


at the end is the Sports Centre building and entrance just ahead:

IVC Sports Centre Entrance


Here’s a few of our previous Baptism memories to look at here.

We hope to see you there on January 8th at 12:45 pm!  Feel free to come early to get changed for swimming, find the location, so we can use the whole time for Baptizing and fun swimming!