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Church Weekend Away 2018


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It’s on.   For the first time in over five years, we’re have a CLC Church Weekend Away, our Champagne Supernova Party weekend!

What a great chance to spend un-rushed time together, talking, eating worshiping & praying!

all the info is on our facebook event.  Click here to sign up to help, and see the programme!

I hope you will come and help us make it a very special time as hear what Papa-God’s wants to say to us, and do what we always do as CLC: we pray and send each other out to His Kingdom purposes for or lives!

Tom’s found us a great location nearby at Burwell House, only 15 miles away, which we’ll have all to ourselves for the second weekend in June (Friday 8th to Sunday 10th June).

We’ve come up with a plan to keep the cost low, but if the price is a problem, please talk to Tom, Lyn or myself as we don’t want money to be the reason for anyone to miss out.

Pictures speak better than words, so here’s a few views of the place:


lots of outdoor space



upstairs bedroom samples, plenty of space for CLCers



downstairs together area



dining area

Tidying as we Go


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We’ve found a new phrase for a value that we want to pursue as CLC.  We were on Crow Hill and while tidying up our own rubbish we decided to collect some other rubbish, thus leaving the area cleaner than when we first arrived.

God cares so much for His dearly beloved creation–people and world too.   Making our patch better for the next person who comes along symbolizes how we all share the hills, the parks, our world.  Cleaning someone else’s litter reminds us that we give freely and God commissioned us to be a blessing and not being distracted by things like who made the mess in the first place.  We love, like He loves us, generously and with no strings attached!

This is a good value to cultivate.  There are many ways we can do this in our lives.  Not just litter.  We can even contribute some encouraging words to a conversation, give someone a smile who comes to us frowning.

We are copying our loving Papa God when we bring His redemption into our wold.  Who knows the big impact we are having.

This is why, on Sunday at our BBQ on Jesus Green, we brought some litter pickers and all ages enjoyed leaving the area cleaner than it was when we first arrived!

Chesterton Festival 2017


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What a great time, what a great church.

What an amazingly creative and generous Father God we have.

Lyn & Lucy

above: two of the hardest working ladies in the land
CF Tom worshipping
Tom, showing how to worship Him while serving His beloved.
CF Lyn Lucy
CF Tom serving
CF Lyn KC chillin

KC Chesterton Festival 2017

CF balloons Jose Dan Bethia

Dan chasing a rogue balloon blown by the wind while His dad tied some other balloons.
C F popcorn kids1
CF Lucy popcorn kids Liz
C F popcorn kidskeen for some of the freshly popped corn
Chesterton Festival Lyn & Lucy4
Chesterton Festival Lyn & Lucy

the sun was scorching, no worries of rain for us!
Chesteron Festival setup 2017
Our LT will look at what we can learn from the experience.

And we’re keen to hear your thoughts on how we can improve for next year, at the Chesterton Festival, unless there’s an even better chance to show His love with no strings attached, while giving away something to put a smile on folks’ faces, and be a blessing to the unchurched.

Chesterton Festival 2017 – why?


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Why come out to Pye Rec on Saturday?  Don’t you have something better to do than give away balloons and popcorn to strangers?

Maybe, but I’m going to be there to smile and give stuff to people–as a small little gesture that says, “God loves you, no strings attached”.

Join me praying that people ask, “why?” Why are we are giving away free food at our Sunday Lunches?  We do it because He loves us and we want to share a symbol of that love by serving an enjoyable meal, with some friendship thrown in as well.  He is interested in putting a smile on people’s faces.

You’re invited to come and enjoy the Festival, the bouncy castle, our free popcorn, a CLC Sunday Lunch balloon.

And you’re welcome to have a go with the popcorn popping cart, the balloon blower-upper hand-pump.

You can even join us giving away invites to our Sunday Lunches and free smiles.

lunches invitation

Why?  Because He loves us and we want to share that love with others who He loves too.

Why?  Because church comes alive in a dynamic fun way when we are together outdoors in the fresh air, in our communities, sharing our Life with new folks.

Why?  Because He loves and He said to ‘go and make disciples‘.

Creative All-Ages Outdoor Praying


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Here’s some ideas to get us started:


  • All together:  let’s dedicate this time to Him, thanking Him that we can be with Him anywhere,anytime–like now and here!


  • In a pair: look for an area, a location or a landmark and thank God as you make your way to it.  Thank Him specifically for who He is, what He’s done.

cyclestreets-dot-net Nuns Way

  • on your own, or as a family: walk (or run!) to another location and when you get there ask Him for something for yourself, your family, neighbourhood and city.   This can be quick and fun–why not try just blurting out a phrase?  It doesn’t need to be formal.  i.e. “sleep!”, “grades!”, “healed depression!”.  He knows what we mean before we even ask.  For example, kids run to the slide and decide what you’ll pray.  Then pray it out on your way down the slide!


  • your own idea:  In the flow, try your own fun and informal way to pray on the move


  • Together again to finish:  Any prayers you overhead from others inspire you?  Want to repeat a prayer you heard from one of the kids to cultivate your child-likeness?  Go for it!


Sunday Lunch invite


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You are invited

to Sunday Lunch!

CLC Sunday Lunch

3rd Sunday of the month *

at St. Andrews Church Hall

come for food, friendship, family

* Note: April Sunday Lunch is on 2nd April

Sharing Lunch


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It’s good to eat together.  Come and share lunch with CLC.  These times are going to be fun and forming.  They’re going to be encouraging and edifying.  They’re about friendship and family, faith and reality.   Once a month in our Sunday meetings we’ll meet at lunchtime (instead of the usual 3pm) so come and join in!

Strategic, Real Faith:  Why spend our precious church time together eating?  Well, Jesus ate with his friends while he taught them to be church, and so will we.  God’s presence is powerful, and we can enjoy Him being near while we talk and eat and smile and laugh.  We believe God when He says in the Bible that “where two or more are gathered, there He is in our midst”.   Honesty, “being real” is one of our values in CLC and we think it’s something we’re good and and worth sharing.  Come join your faith with ours and see more of Father’s plan for you, me and us together.

Welcoming Simplicity:  We’re going to experiment with a very simple (but hopefully poignant and timely) question each week.   We can include it in our conversations while enjoying lunch.  Nothing complicated.  A thought that is good for kids and adults alike.  Engage as much or as little as you want.  This will be low-key and pertinent for visitors who we can bring along as well.   As an example, our first question might be, “what do you need from God these days?”  This can be a chance to encourage each other, talk about our God who cares and helps, even pray together or commit to pray for each other through the week.

Details in our the calendar & here’s a summary:

Location Date/Time Menu
St. Andrew’s
Church Hall
19th October
Pot Luck
(soup, bread, fruit, etc.)
St. Andrew’s
Church Hall
16th November
Spaghetti & Salad

If you’re new to Cambridge, studying or working here, we’d especially like to extend a warm invitation for you to come join us!  Come and bring some food to share, or just bring yourself and join our family time together.


It’s going to be great and we’re expecting to grow in loving God and loving each other as we Love Who We Are together.

Adventures in Pottery


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(re)create learned how to do pottery this month. Under the skilled eye of Annie, we rolled, cut, shaped, moulded, wet, dried and eventually FIRED a selection of pots, plates, bowls, piggy-banks and other ornaments. Why? To get creative, learn new things and have fun – also to interact with one of the most Biblical of activities; to appreciate what the Bible means when it likens God to a potter and us to the clay (Isaiah 64:8), to hold in our hands the same kind of jars Gideon’s army broke to reveal their lights and startle their enemies (Judges 7:20), and to get the beautiful analogy of having ‘treasure in clay jars’ (2 Corinthians 4:7).

… If only it were that simple! We found out that in our modern lives we don’t really have all the know-how to so easily produce ceramics! Or at least, it’s not so easy! The ‘kiln’ (an oil drum packed with flammable things) mostly made our beautiful creations smash, exploding from within as the heat hit them. Having said that, a few recognisable and very well ‘vitrified’ (learned a new word, means made hard and brittle) items did emerge from the flames! Good fun, thanks Annie.


Happily Moulding & Shaping


In pieces...

In pieces…

Aligning Rescued bits of 'Vitrified' Pottery

Aligning Rescued bits of ‘Vitrified’ Pottery

(re)create in April


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About time we post something about CLC’s very own (re)create missional community! Since September last year we’ve been growing together as a group, settling on wanting to value five things in our time together and lives apart. These five things are; Community, or having time to chat and share life together; Worship, whether sung or stomped or painted or prayed or whispered; Creativity, which means anything from knitting to cooking, gardening to DIY wedding decorations; Word, or spending time together reading the Bible, praying and learning; and Mission, which is basically making sure we don’t keep it all to ourselves.

Meetings often involve food. In April we cooked up an amazing spread of tasty things and ate together. Afterwards we headed out towards Grantchester meadows on full bellies – good relaxed time, the perfect lazy Sunday. Except Cambridge lost the boat race.

Tom G and his lunch

Tom G and his lunch

We had also planted some seeds earlier in March, and they’d started to really grow up and needed planting out. Here’s my coriander just as I planted it out – a city kid gardening, I’m well proud!


In April we  also spent an evening together getting arty, praying to God and then painting/drawing/sticking, believing God was there with us and was in what we were doing. It was a great time to think on what God’s done, who God is, and what God’s doing in us. Not a bad end result!


(re)create’s prophetic painting

Roll on May – we’re looking to get outside a bit more, making use of those bank holidays (except most of us are students and this therefore means very little), and getting stuck into a clay pottery project!

CB4 Litter Pick 2013


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We were thankful and happy to join some friends doing a litter pick ’round Nuns Way as we celebrated church by worshipping God in a different way.

Although it was cold, we didn’t get rained on much, and you can see we still had smiles to give after collecting many bags of litter.

Do you measure the success of your worship by how you feel?   I didn’t feel God’s presence, but He’s right here with us nonetheless.  More importantly, we can know we’ve given him a sacrifice of praise and enjoyed His life in our midst, while doing a little to put a smile on the face of our community.

You may know that litter picking and all sorts of other practical hands-on serving in CB4 is part of our CLC history.  But did you know that today we found a decent LG phone while expressing God’s love and getting our hands dirty?  Unfortunately I missed getting a snapshot, but I do have this photo of another interesting find at a previous CLC litter-pick:


Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow!