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Taste and See


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…that the Lord is good! That’s what God says to us in Psalm 34.

We’re passionate about God’s goodness, experiencing Him and knowing Him.  He shows Himself to us in so many ways:  in worship, in work, in tears, in play and laughter.  We can enjoy God together with each other and with good food too.  Let’s invite a friend who doesn’t normally do church to our Easter celebration!

On Easter Sunday we’re having a CLC Resurrection Fry-Up (see John 21).

Taste and see that He is good!  What fruit will you bring?

We will be sharing bread together too.  Will you enjoy some unleavened flatbread?  a french loaf, tiger bread?  Mmmmm!

CB4 Easter Healing Night


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Saturday 7th April 2012.
Buchan Street Neighbourhood Centre, 6 Buchan Street, Cambridge CB4 2XF

Come to the end of yourself and wondering what’s next?
Whatever you suffer from we believe that God wants you to know how special you are to Him, and how much He cares about you individually. We believe that Jesus can heal any condition or sickness and that He can do this today.

Sessions: 6.30pm, 7.30pm, 8.30pm
The evening is free of charge. On arrival you’ll be greeted and welcomed to free drinks and hospitality.

Each session will begin with a 15min presentation of live music and a short talk introducing Jesus and explaining his power to heal. This will be followed by 45mins on sofa’s and one-to-ones with trusted local spiritual prayers to have a listening ear, receive prayer for healing and spiritual consultation. Once you have been prayed for you are free to go or stay for further Easter hospitality served throughout the evening for guests to enjoy.

Prayer and consultation covers: All kinds of illness and health conditions including prayer for cancer, arthritis, depression, anxiety, relationship-tension, things troubling our thoughts, guidance for future planning and dream interpretation.

The right of personal dignity and confidentiality is respected. No further contact is expected out of the evening but guests can make follow up with the teams if so wished. No childcare is provided for on these sessions.

Sponsored and overseen by City Life Church – Cambridge in partnership with Faith Life and other local churches.