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Praying Together in January


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We launched our season of prayer this month, and it was good.   Have you enjoyed being closer to Him?  Has He answered any of your questions or requests?




We saw how Jesus is the Real Vine and we are His branches, and how

important it is for us to stay connected to Him for life and fruitfulness!  I enjoyed giving some kids the gardening shears and I’m sure the parents were glad the only thing that was cut was the visual aid branches brought along just or that purpose.  Can you visualise yourself connected to Jesus?  Why not close your eyes and consider Father God, our Good Good Gardener doing some wise pruning?

Did you take home a watercress plant in your own little pot?  Have you watched whether it grew?

Has He talked to you, reminded you of anything through seeing it, tasting it?

Lucy Mann tells her story


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Do you know anyone who’d be intrigued to hear our guest Lucy share her story of hope and loss and pain and joy and heartbreak?  This is Lucy’s story, but don’t forget that it’s our story as it’s the Good News, the Gospel of our loving Pappa-God, Jesus Christ.

“Hope is an anchor for my soul” (Hebrews 6:19).

Lucy Mann works in Arbury, North Cambridge and lives in Histon, having spent the majority of the past ten years in Swavesey. Her Daughter Abi is doing a foundation year in Performing Arts at Impington Village College and son Chris is in his final year at Swavesey Village College. Lucy’s other son, Ben, died of a brain tumour in 2009 aged 8.

I invite you to invite a friend, neighbour, relative–to join us on Sunday, February 25th at 3pm at our traditional meeting place of St. Andrew’s Church Hall as we meet with God and each other, sharing important Kingdom stories.

Worship & Serving in the Fresh Air


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I love worshiping Him by singing.  It’s my favourite way to express my love to Him with others.   But do you know what’s good about getting out of the four walls of our church meeting place?  Witness!

Yes, our lives speak of Him every day.  At the school gate in our relationships and at workplace–the respect and value we have for people is a witness to the God we serve and the Life of Him in us–as individuals.

But what about when we get out in the community to serve those He loves?  We are taking action to communicate the Gospel to people who won’t hear it in our church gatherings.  We are showing His love to those in a way that I think are answers to prayers for His beloved!  And we are doing together what we can’t do alone.  The Bible verse about a chord of three strings is not easily broken is used as an analogy for husband, wife and God.  It can be used for us as His people working together too.

The Chesterton Festival, on June 17th, is a community event where we have can work together to express His unconditional love for unchurched in our community.

Similarly, this Sunday, 30th April, we can meet together at Daily Bread to litter pick the area and pray as an act of worship, being church without walls!

for the little ones

Litter Pickers, fun for the little ones

Communion for all ages


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Is this just a time to be somber?  Is this a church activity for grownups only?

No!   Anyone who calls Jesus their Lord is invited to eat and drink in the way Jesus teaches us to remember His sacrifice for us on the Cross.
20170319_124215 20170319_124222

It’s sometimes referred to as the Lords Supper, or Holy Communion.  People often get serious when then think of Jesus dying for our sins, which is understandable.  But on the other hand, we might communion can be a time for us to remember Jesus coming back to life and our freedom–with joy!

Sarah reminding us that we eat bread to remember how Jesus nourishes our soul and we drink wine to remind ourselves how Jesus is the vine and we are connected to Him to get our life.

CLC communioning

Luke 22:19,  John 6:35, John 15,

CLC Giving Cake Chart 2017


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Like a pie-chart, but it’s made out of a cake.

We are thankful for generous giving of CLCers that will help us to give to people for missionary work in Morocco, fighting sex trafficing in Moscow, church planting in Great Britain, emergency aid around the globe, as well as community needs in Cambridge and supporting Christians in Parliament!  Most of all, we are thankful for our generous Father God who gives us every good thing that we enjoy.


2016-11-19 20.28.51-starting-shapes 2016-11-19 20.28.32-Toby-Ian 2016-11-19 20.40.23-jam-surprise-inside 2016-11-19 20.49.10-icing-chocolate-startCLC-finances-cake-pie-chart-decorated 2016-11-19 21.21.22-Toby-decorating-Simon Screenshot 2016-11-19 23.21.16

CLC Kingdom Kids Serving Sunday Lunch


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What’s the best way to learn?  hearing is okay, watching is better, but doing is the best.  Our kids had another chance to learn the Kingdom value of serving today as they served lunch to CLC!

Emelia the servant 2

Zachary the servant & Simon

Emelia & Dan the servants with Simon

Dan the Servant2 Orla the servant Elijah the servant Bethia the Servant 2



They had a lot of fun and did such a great job.  You know how when you serve you are last to get some food, and sometimes some of the choices run out before you can eat yourself?

CLC at Sunday Lunch Cashman family celebrate Sarahs birthday at CLC Emelia serves grandmother Tom serves Ian and Emelia at CLC handsome Dan and Mum

Well, our Kingdom Kids experienced that part of serving–and handled it really well too!  What great lessons, and what great kids.

It wasn’t all work.  There was a chance to decorate strawberries too.

Max and Elija decorating strawberries

CLC strawberries decorated






And happy Birthday Sarah, for Thursday, we love you

CLC Kids Serving Sunday

CLC Sunda lunch Sarah blows out birthday cake candles

CLC Sending Party


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We are throwing a party to celebrate 22 years of Tim and Ania’s service to CLC, and to thank them for leading us on this amazing adventure. If you were a part of CLC at any point in those 22 years, we invite you to join us to honour Tim and Ania for the ways we’ve all walked and grown together, wherever we find ourselves today. This will be a party that expresses the values we’ve learned in CLC, so come as you are, come with an open heart, and come ready to enjoy God together as we reflect on the many ways He has blessed us as a church and far, far beyond.

Join us to celebrate the journey with Tim and Ania and send them off in style.  Tim has been so enthusiastic and releasing in “sending out” so many over the years.  Now it’s our turn to send him!

No worries if you can’t bring any of the below – mostly it would just be great to see you!

If you can, bring:
– Some food to share (ideally something that doesn’t have to be re-heated)
– A musical instrument!?
– A friend! Let’s make it a CLC reunion

CLC in a few words


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Words can describe what is. But words can be signposts to what can become.

Here’s some words to describe who we’d like to become like, and who already are:

CLC Cambridge Launching New Era


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It’s twenty-two years on from arriving to start this adventure in Cambridge.

For Ania and I these have been the best and most shaping years of our lives. We’ve shared with you so many memories over these years, from finding ourselves on several occasions leading rather unconventional services in Kings College Chapel, to having the thrill of investing into our patch called Kings Hedges and the Summer Blast, to Portugal Place, to the Citizen Kane Night Club with Sunday mornings and beer-sticky floors, to that thing called Fusion, to those European Prayer trips, dinner parties, baptisms in the Cam, sweaty prayer rooms and having the courage to have a go at almost anything. There is even still a football club in Cambridge called City Life!

We always did say church is about people and its true, for CLC it is about all the amazing people, each with their own unique stories that have passed through this little community and for this we thank God.

And yet the greatest encouragement for us has been through all our triumphs and mistakes God has granted us such a precious family in Ola, Max and Toby who, now teenagers, love God in each of their own fantastic ways and feel privileged to call CLC their family – through all its shapes, sizes and comings and goings. Thank you for the part you have played in investing into us as a family over the years.

But the time has come to pass on the reins of CLC.

It’s a privilege this summer to be handing on the leadership of CLC to Kevin Cade and a new team heralding in a new day!

Ania and I will be staying based in Cambridge and continue to be big fans of CLC. In August I take up a new role heading up Plumbline in the UK and wider work in encouraging and planting churches, supporting leaders and serving community transformation.  So hoping to have more time for coffees with people around the country.

Kevin is already enjoying seeing the new shape for CLC forming that retains our passion and love for Christ and community, while always being open to new things. If you are back in town ever do check in!

As for all of you that had a time as part of this community, thank you. I appreciate the diversity and nuances we all have, but there have been shared experiences and formative times that I hope in some way have shaped for good the people we’ve become.

May we keep on contributing to shaping our culture and society where ever we now are, seeing Christ’s amazing kingdom flourish in not only our lives, but the lives of many others.

One thing that I’ve learnt over these years is to never give up despite what may happen.

Let’s keep strong together and keep on.

Love Tim and Ania

he's a rocket-man!