Church Weekend Away 2018


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It’s on!  for the first time in over five years, we’re have a CLC Church Weekend Away!

What a great chance to spend un-rushed time together, talking, eating worshiping & praying!

I hope you will come and help us make it a very special time as we look back at our Season of Prayer and reflect on what Papa-God’s been saying to us.  Plus we’ll have an important chance to look ahead together for CLC.

Tom’s found us a great location nearby at Burwell House, only 15 miles away, which we’ll have all to ourselves for the second weekend in June (Friday 8th to Sunday 10th June).

We’ve come up with a plan to keep the cost low, but if the price is a problem, please talk to Tom, Lyn or myself as we don’t want money to be the reason for anyone to miss out.

Pictures speak better than words, so here’s a few views of the place:


lots of outdoor space



upstairs bedroom samples, plenty of space for CLCers



downstairs together area



dining area