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It’s twenty-two years on from arriving to start this adventure in Cambridge.

For Ania and I these have been the best and most shaping years of our lives. We’ve shared with you so many memories over these years, from finding ourselves on several occasions leading rather unconventional services in Kings College Chapel, to having the thrill of investing into our patch called Kings Hedges and the Summer Blast, to Portugal Place, to the Citizen Kane Night Club with Sunday mornings and beer-sticky floors, to that thing called Fusion, to those European Prayer trips, dinner parties, baptisms in the Cam, sweaty prayer rooms and having the courage to have a go at almost anything. There is even still a football club in Cambridge called City Life!

We always did say church is about people and its true, for CLC it is about all the amazing people, each with their own unique stories that have passed through this little community and for this we thank God.

And yet the greatest encouragement for us has been through all our triumphs and mistakes God has granted us such a precious family in Ola, Max and Toby who, now teenagers, love God in each of their own fantastic ways and feel privileged to call CLC their family – through all its shapes, sizes and comings and goings. Thank you for the part you have played in investing into us as a family over the years.

But the time has come to pass on the reins of CLC.

It’s a privilege this summer to be handing on the leadership of CLC to Kevin Cade and a new team heralding in a new day!

Ania and I will be staying based in Cambridge and continue to be big fans of CLC. In August I take up a new role heading up Plumbline in the UK and wider work in encouraging and planting churches, supporting leaders and serving community transformation.  So hoping to have more time for coffees with people around the country.

Kevin is already enjoying seeing the new shape for CLC forming that retains our passion and love for Christ and community, while always being open to new things. If you are back in town ever do check in!

As for all of you that had a time as part of this community, thank you. I appreciate the diversity and nuances we all have, but there have been shared experiences and formative times that I hope in some way have shaped for good the people we’ve become.

May we keep on contributing to shaping our culture and society where ever we now are, seeing Christ’s amazing kingdom flourish in not only our lives, but the lives of many others.

One thing that I’ve learnt over these years is to never give up despite what may happen.

Let’s keep strong together and keep on.

Love Tim and Ania

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