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We are passionate about Jesus and committed to staying teachable.  We want to learn from Him, through His Bible, and each other.

Here’s some help, CLC style, so you can ponder and meditate with your ears open to Him, one eye on the pages of your Bible, from our learning times together:

Title/Series Contributor Recording Notes
Faith is just Trust KC audio online
Vision – Realising Revelation & Action KC audio online
Believe & Be Baptised KC audio PDF
Poured Out, a Life of Serving KC audio PDF
Tim’s Sending Sermon Tim Anderson audio
Pressing Ahead Roy Wheeler audio
Matthew 9:19/Open Bible Tom C. & CLC audio
You Can’t Be Serious Stephen C. audio
Fear or Faith Tim A. audio
Adopted by God/in Christ Simon C. audio
God’s Identity/in Christ Luke B. audio
Sexuality LGBT P2/in Christ KC audio
Blessed/in Christ Lyn audio
Eating in Spiritual KC audio
Singing is Spiritual KC audio
Meet Jesus – Servant Liz audio
Meet Jesus – My Hero KC audio  Prezi notes
Meet Jesus – Zacheus Tim audio
Meet Jesus – Trust not Worry Tim audio
Meet Jesus – Grace KC audio
Meet Jesus – Women Ashley audio
Meet Jesus – Obedience Cashmans audio
Meet Jesus – Unconditional Love audio
Coming to Him Like a Child Tom C. notes
God’s Good News about Pain KC Prezi notes
God’s Mistake Makers – perfectionism KC audio  Prezi  notes
God’s Mistake Makers – Paul Fiona G. audio notes
God’s Mistake Makers – Abraham Andrew audio
God’s Mistake Makers – Adam Jon Harris audio
God’s Mistake Makers – Peter Cate Hall audio
God’s Mistake Makers – David Tony Hodge audio

You are invited to come and enjoy Him with us in person.