CLC What and How focus for next 12 months


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It’s helpful to be clear.  It’s good to have a focus.  Here’s our CLC focus for the next while.  Be encouraged, be inspired!  Pray and ask God how He wants you to contribute and thanks for all you are already doing for our great Cambridge cause!


Loving God — Every member delighting and finding deeper union with Christ; giving time to be with God.
  • Committed to vibrant gatherings at St Andrews Hall and Sanctuary in Autumn
  • Taking a group to the ONE event
  • September week of Prayer – catching that prayer starts everything
Loving CLC — Committed to events that bring us together and extend family
  • CLC Youth growing in Christ through Youth encounter and Autumn Youth Alpha
  • Missional Leaders Huddles that empower following Jesus and innovate mission
  • Numerical growth: 5 key new people to be added over the next 6 months
Loving CB4  — Bringing people together and serving in our communities
  • Loving people through establishing CB4 community around Steve’s House
  • Lead quarterly CB4 Healing Nights to experience Jesus
  • Run Alpha Course this September in Kings Hedges