David For Real with God


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Psalm 22

v 1 a “Why”? (questioning God is okay)

v1b ‘Why are you so far…’ David is expressing his feelings, didn’t wait until he was correct before coming to God.  God is near, but He’s allowed this to be included in the Bible.  Maybe as an example that God is more interested in us coming to Him as we are than being right.

v3-5 Talking himself ’round to praising God and focusing on Him and His goodness, retelling the family stories of how God has helped in the past.

v6 back to His despair and his depressed feelings about the situation and himself.

v9-10 seeing the problems

v11 asking for help from God

v12-18 situation ain’t good

v19-21 Lord please help

v22 pronouncing quality decision to praise God

v23 leading others to praise

v24-26 why we should praise

v27-312 predicting good things for others, prophecying