Devotion: Almost Slipped?


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As always with these devotions, ask Father, simply, to speak to you in these verses personally.  Trust that He wants to connect with you and help you.  Don’t get sidetracked by academic possibilities.  Instead let Him draw you near.  Seek Him not facts about Him.

Psalm 73 or see the Message version

v1-6 ‘On one hand, I can see that God is good to His children’

But on the other hand, look at all the injustice!  Look at those who are thriving and oblivious to Him!

The psalmist is honest and brave enough to admit (confess) his envy (sin).  You can be brave enough to speak out your weakness, your struggle, your selfishness, immaturity.  Your Sin.

Basically, he’s saying:

It’s not fair”.  Proud, violent people with no worries while your humble servant is plagued (with sickness, with the worries of life).

Actually, the wicked aren’t living worry free lives, they aren’t immune to human ills.  But it feels that way when we see so many things going right for them and our own problems are shouting louder than any blessings we can’t see in this season of life.  This psalm is willing to go down the road of honesty of feelings and experience, not cut it short because it’s “not what I should be feeling”.

v10-14God’s people question Him, his abilities, His power.  We question our own dedication to Him and our Faith in light of our trials and pain

v16-17Trying to figure it out I was overwhelmed, depressed.  Fortunately I came into your presence and it all made sense.  

An eternal perspective came from making a decision to seek God, to give Him time to feed and fill us.

Whether they really have it so good is now seen in the previous verse and in v19-20.  A repentant  heart speaks of humility and a change of mind:

v21-25I was stupid and wrong, still You are always with me and helping me, bringing me on, until You bring me–literally–to You on that glorious day.  Who else matters, what else matters?

We too can be this honest.  We can admit to having yucky attitudes and a shameful heart toward others and God.  Since He’s always with us anyway, and knows everything… Why not let the poorly kept secret out and give it to Him?  That’s what our Father wants from us and we can trust Him with our secrets and fears as well as our dreams and hopes.  This is the difference between knowing of God and knowing God–talking to Him and relating to Him rather than just thinking about ourselves and being aware of Him.  Go on, take a step and open your mouth and say something to Him.

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