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I am enthused and invigorated knowing that Father has made each of us for a purpose.  It’s one of the things that marks us out as His that we know he’s prepared good works for us, we’re here to change the world for better.  Isn’t it great that with becoming Jesus followers our lives have purpose and fulfilment like never before?

But the other day I was enjoying the beauty of the sunlight sparkling across the top of the water on the Cam and I realised something.  Enjoyment.  It’s important to God.  He makes things beautiful and awesome and to be enjoyed!  I could look at a sunrise or sunset and learn how the colours and the light do what they do.  I could understand how if I knew enough.  But at least part of the reason why sunsets and sunrises (and babies, and laughter and so many other things) are beautiful is for them to be enjoyed!

God wants us to enjoy the purpose He’s birthed in us.  He wants us to enjoy His creation.  He wants us to enjoy relating to Him.   I’m looking out for other examples of his beauty, not just to say, “thank you Lord” but to take a second and enjoy.  I’m asking Him to help me to remember to include Him in this enJoyment.  I wanna say, “Wow, Dad!  The smell of this pizza is fantastic!”  or “The way that kid laughs and smiles is joyous, Pappa!”

This flows between us and our other relationships too–our families and friends, neighbours and work colleagues.  Over this Christmastime, and into 2013, I pray that we all enjoy Father more; Jesus’ purpose for us clearer than ever. But most of all we enJoy Him and our precious relationship with Him, our lovingkind Father, our Friend, our Source and Light and Hope.

Check back here to be encouraged to digest more little morsels of spiritual food.  May you find more and more nourishment for your soul from Jesus and His amazing Spirit-filled Word.