Fresher to Cambridge?


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Are you new to Cambridge University or settling into Anglia Ruskin University this autumn? Welcome!  We really hope this will be a great time for you.  Our experience as students and graduates is that church should and can be incredible. A home where you can be yourself, a community where you can be known.

CLC is a small community church that would be a good place for you if you want to be KNOWN. Whether you’re 100% full of faith and ready to start serving into church mission, or unsure whether you even believe in God, you’ll find people here who are genuinely interested in spending time with YOU.

This isn’t just sitting and talking, but going out and actively taking part in our community. That’s why there are people of all ages and all situations that make this church more than just a building (actually… we don’t have our own building).
So. You won’t find cliques here. You won’t go unnoticed. We come with a strong set of Jesus-values, but everyone who joins will be part of shaping what we look like. We think this is exciting, and hope you do too.