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I’ve heard it said that what we as humans crave is to “be known” and “to know”.  This is true in relationship with our families:  We really want to know each other, getting past defences and guards to reality and honesty.  We want to be known too.  We want someone to love us just as we are, accept us “warts an all”. Church is a place for us to practice this—accepting each other, enjoying being accepted. Of course this doesn’t always go well–so we get to exercise forgiveness and grace as well as honesty and truth. But even this isn’t where it’s all at.


We’re made for even more than community and love involving the world that we can see and touch.  Father made us to know Him.  True satisfaction and fulfilment is on the horizon and there’s a sign in front of us that points out the way labeled, “You’re Heavenly Father”.   Yes, we can be truly known by Father God Himself! The secret to loving and accepting anyone is found in the nourishment that God gives us as we accept His love.

Can’t manage being patient with those pesky hard-to-love folks?  Failing to get past those annoyances of those nearest to you?  Take it to Him and let Him fill you, feed you, clean you and love you. What’s your prayer life like?  Do you see it as interactions where you get to accept and even enjoy that He truly knows you?  Do you ponder and contemplate how He’s made Himself known to you?  Do you consider what that means regarding your fears and weaknesses, even your little hopes… and huge dreams?


Often my prayers used to be withheld until some unknown time in the future when they could be tidy and I’d be good enough.  I’m realising I can be like David and pray like he did in the Psalms–trusting God with my anger, bad attitudes, raw emotion, confusion–the lot!

I used to toss my prayers over a huge wall that I imagined separated me from God. Daddy wasn’t far away, He didn’t put up any walls.  Jesus rose from death and the Cross to demolish any imagined or real walls!  Actually, He’s calling out to us to enjoy how near He is.


Try it: whisper to Him, chuckle and laugh with Him.  Say something silly or risk being wrong in a conversation with Him.

This is my testimony of what He’s doing in me, how He’s using the Soul Revolution Experiment to bring my relationship with Him to life like never before.  Would you give it a go yourself? love and blessings, Kevin

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