Meet Jesus: 2015


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Have you ever thought about what Jesus is really like?

Becoming a disciple (follower and student) of Jesus is an education like no other! Not only are people challenged to question the norms of oppression, life and religion, but before us, in Jesus, is a life being lived out unlike any other seen before.It’s like light against darkness. Finally, we find someone who cares about real people, someone authentic with an incredibly astute take on how life really works. He not only teaches, but lives out a radical ethic that gives us hope and transforms lives.But who is this Man? How can we become like Him?In the Spring of 2015 we invite you to join our learning series of Sundays looking at the person and example of Jesus that is still blisteringly challenging for our lives in the 21st Century.

Whether you are exploring an introduction to Jesus for the first time or have been on the journey for a while, this series will challenge our assumptions and familiarity to a degree that will make us sit up and think about Jesus and indeed our own lives again!