New to Cambridge?


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New to Cambridge?

You’re a lucky, privileged person! You’re coming to (we believe) an exciting, interesting, dynamic city full of opportunities – and, for church-seekers, loads of great churches! If you’re coming as a student, we’d fully recommend coming along to a church here in Cambridge.

CLC meets on Sundays at 3pm (we like a good lie-in) at St. Andrew’s Hall. It’s a small, outward focused community church – so it’s somewhere you can be noticed, believed in, can ask questions and find opportunities to serve and grow!

CLC is home to an exciting new missional community for students and young adults, (re)create. Since launching last year, we’ve developed our core values (Community, Creativity, Word, Worship and Mission – more here: and grown as a group. In our group we have international students, grad students, a family, old and new christians, people who attend CLC and people who don’t! We’ve done all sorts of fun things out of this – barbecues, edge-y foreign films, experimenting with pottery, baking cakes and prayer-cycling to name a few – all with the aim of growing as disciples of Jesus, and introducing him to those who are looking for him. You’d be more than welcome to join us – get in touch if you want to find out more.

Jonathan Harris (re)create co-leader