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About time we post something about CLC’s very own (re)create missional community! Since September last year we’ve been growing together as a group, settling on wanting to value five things in our time together and lives apart. These five things are; Community, or having time to chat and share life together; Worship, whether sung or stomped or painted or prayed or whispered; Creativity, which means anything from knitting to cooking, gardening to DIY wedding decorations; Word, or spending time together reading the Bible, praying and learning; and Mission, which is basically making sure we don’t keep it all to ourselves.

Meetings often involve food. In April we cooked up an amazing spread of tasty things and ate together. Afterwards we headed out towards Grantchester meadows on full bellies – good relaxed time, the perfect lazy Sunday. Except Cambridge lost the boat race.

Tom G and his lunch

Tom G and his lunch

We had also planted some seeds earlier in March, and they’d started to really grow up and needed planting out. Here’s my coriander just as I planted it out – a city kid gardening, I’m well proud!


In April we  also spent an evening together getting arty, praying to God and then painting/drawing/sticking, believing God was there with us and was in what we were doing. It was a great time to think on what God’s done, who God is, and what God’s doing in us. Not a bad end result!


(re)create’s prophetic painting

Roll on May – we’re looking to get outside a bit more, making use of those bank holidays (except most of us are students and this therefore means very little), and getting stuck into a clay pottery project!