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It’s good to eat together.  Come and share lunch with CLC.  These times are going to be fun and forming.  They’re going to be encouraging and edifying.  They’re about friendship and family, faith and reality.   Once a month in our Sunday meetings we’ll meet at lunchtime (instead of the usual 3pm) so come and join in!

Strategic, Real Faith:  Why spend our precious church time together eating?  Well, Jesus ate with his friends while he taught them to be church, and so will we.  God’s presence is powerful, and we can enjoy Him being near while we talk and eat and smile and laugh.  We believe God when He says in the Bible that “where two or more are gathered, there He is in our midst”.   Honesty, “being real” is one of our values in CLC and we think it’s something we’re good and and worth sharing.  Come join your faith with ours and see more of Father’s plan for you, me and us together.

Welcoming Simplicity:  We’re going to experiment with a very simple (but hopefully poignant and timely) question each week.   We can include it in our conversations while enjoying lunch.  Nothing complicated.  A thought that is good for kids and adults alike.  Engage as much or as little as you want.  This will be low-key and pertinent for visitors who we can bring along as well.   As an example, our first question might be, “what do you need from God these days?”  This can be a chance to encourage each other, talk about our God who cares and helps, even pray together or commit to pray for each other through the week.

Details in our the calendar & here’s a summary:

Location Date/Time Menu
St. Andrew’s
Church Hall
19th October
Pot Luck
(soup, bread, fruit, etc.)
St. Andrew’s
Church Hall
16th November
Spaghetti & Salad

If you’re new to Cambridge, studying or working here, we’d especially like to extend a warm invitation for you to come join us!  Come and bring some food to share, or just bring yourself and join our family time together.


It’s going to be great and we’re expecting to grow in loving God and loving each other as we Love Who We Are together.