Soul Revolution a 60 Day Experiment with God


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Update:  See the top of this page or click and scroll to the bottom of the page to start your experiment now.  No App or smartphone neeeded.  Every time you visit the main page of this site you’ll get a new aid to connect with Him.

Tim challenged us to spot God in our daily lives and to stop and seek him too.

In 2013 we are embarking on an experiment to connect with God like never before.

CLC Soul Revolution 2013

click the image above, look at the bottom of the page to start

Get the vision for the next step in our adventure in spotting & stopping with God:

The 60/60 Experiment is an intentional effort to connect with God every 60 minutes for 60 days – at least while you’re awake.  That doesn’t mean you stop and pray every hour. It means you are aware that God is with you, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing and you bring Him into it. Listen to Him – what does He want you to say or do or be aware of?  It’s learning to do life with God.   Join us on this adventure for Lent 2013!  Who knows what God will do?

Watch and listen to some real stories from real people about connecting with the Living God here:

Brian’s Story                                                          Anna’s Story                                                           

I can’t wait to hear our stories in CLC from connecting with Father like never before!