Strengthen in The Lord


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David was greatly distressed, for the men spoke of stoning him because the souls of them all were bitterly grieved, each man for his sons and daughters.   But David encouraged and strengthened himself in the Lord his God.  1 Samuel 30:6 Amplified Bible

Life can throw us curve balls and seeming set backs that try and take us off course, however I want to encourage us to fight discouragement because God wants to move in your situation like David.

David went to God.

If you think your situation at work or in life is different and the bible is for ‘church-ey’ stuff, think again, this was not in a religious setting, this was in a political arena.  David encouraged himself in God.

Isaiah 27:3-5 says to ‘layhold of the strength of the Lord’.  David did this by encouraging himself in who God is in His name, recollecting his power, ability and unfailing commitment in being amazingly good!  Encourage yourself this week in God.

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