Unity and Prayer for Every Street


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We finished our first Alpha course with the Church of the Good Shepherd last month.  It was great to pray together, to make friends and work to advance the Gospel of Jesus side by side.  There is something special and precious about working together–especially in prayer and reaching out.

Praying together tonight we had folks from Arbury Road Baptist Church, The Church of the Good Shepherd and ourselves from CLC.  We walked and prayed in four groups, covering several streets as we walked and talked and looked and listened and prayed.  Some met neighbours and chatted about why we were out and about.  We prayed for a residential home for the elderly, a charity that helps those with drug addiction, called out to God for many He loves.  Some sensed God shifting something spiritual as we prayed (as if something lifted and things became easier).

I don’t have a lot of experience of different churches and denominations, but what I’m learning is that we aren’t as different as I thought and my respect and rapport is deepening.  Cool!  We’re sowing and praying and working and being family and church in Cambridge.  We have different styles, slightly different family values, different emphasis of calling,  different expressions of worship.  But we have the same Lord, the same Heavenly Father, same commission and commands.  We really are brothers and sisters–thanks to Jesus and God for choosing us and making us part of his fantastic family!

Psalm 133:1-3 is great!

v1 How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!

How nice and enjoyable it is when we work out our differences, allow Him to help us forgive and accept each other!

v2 It’s like costly anointing oil

Our time is a precious resource that we don’t want to waste.  We take seriously our commitments and we don’t enter lightly into ventures, although there is no shortage of ways to spend our time.  But there is something holy and special about praying together which is worth pursuing.

v3 Harmony is as refreshing as the dew from Mount Hermon

The comparison of the influence of brotherly love, or unity, with dew is not a forced or unnatural one. So calm, so gentle, so refreshing on the tender grain, on the young plants, on the flowers, is dew, that it is a striking image of the influences which produce brotherly love and harmony. Bible Hub.

v3 (continued) Yes, that’s where God commands the blessing, ordains eternal life.

Unity is a reward of its own.  But there’s still more.  God ensures a blessing which doesn’t stop before salvation–life.  And that’s a Life that goes on and on getting better and better without stopping!