Why Sing to God?


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I want to be strategic and efficient with my time and energy.  Life is for living and it’s fun, but I still want to spend it wisely.  Similarly, our time together as CLC is precious too and I am very intentional about how we spend it.

Do you know why it’s so worthwhile to sing to God together?   Here’s some of my thoughts.

I have a book sitting next to my bed about the fatherhood of God.  I have heard it is a great book, written by someone with a real gift and personal experience of getting past a common orphan mentality, so we can live like true children of God.  That’s huge and timely.  But reading about someone else’s experience of finding God as Father can’t take the place of finding, experiencing, connecting and communing with our Papa.

Worship is a very specific way and very intentional time when we do just that:  commune with Father!  We can know He’s with us in our busy day.  That’s great.  I’m all for that.  We can read about him.  I love reading books that inspire me and listening to people share about God which blesses me and opens up my eyes more and more about what He’s like.  The Bible is a great example of a foundation that we stand firm on as it grounds our understanding and anchors us in a way that’s better than just our emotions or experience.

But opening ourselves to God is really important.  Not just talking about it.  More than just reading about it.  Going beyond thinking about it.  If you’re anything like me, you might benefit from the help of our dependable and shared ritual where we stand up together, open our mouths together, and actually sing!  Worshiping God together in a very physical way–musically–is a Biblical action that helps us to abide in Him, offer something worthwhile (and maybe costly) to Him.  It’s symbolic (and active) in taking our eyes off ourselves and each other and giving Him something that says He’s worth our time and energy and heartfelt expressed love.

What does singing to God mean to you?