You Can Hide


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Do you like to get lost? I don’t mean on a road-trip or navigating ’round London or Manchester. I mean do you like loosing yourself? Maybe it’s a hot bath with your favourite music. For me it’s a gripping novel that heightens my emotions and wakes up my imagination. Why do I always feel a little guilty about loosing myself in the world created by the author of my book.

But God’s showed me something that I see as deep and powerful! He’s made me to be strong and face the world–most of the time. But another aspects of how He’s made me includes weakness. He doesn’t berate me for needing an escape, He isn’t disappointed that you and I want to hide! He’s given us a good and healthy answer to these needs.

What’s the good and right way to escape? Where is the best place to go?

You know the answer: It’s Him, He in whom we abide, is our escape:

“But God is a safe hiding place” (refuge, stronghold) Joel 3:16

“The eternal God is your refuge, and his everlasting arms are under you.” Deut 33:27

“I will say to the Lord, “You are my ·place of safety [refuge] and ·protection[fortress].

You are my God and I ·trust [have confidence in] you.” Psalm 91:2

In our world there are so many products offered to us as respite from drudgery. Everything from holidays to chocolate are sold as indulgences as if we should embrace them all–as if they can give us what we need. My compelling novel isn’t bad, nor is a restful holiday–both could be just what our Great Physician ordered for us!

But let’s not miss the one and only true piece that fits the empty part in our hearts. This shape is unique and is only properly filled by One, by Him, by your Father and Saviour and Lord.

Why not ask Him to hide you when you next find yourself drawn to the escape of Twitter? Give Him permission to be your escape sometimes in place of that gripping novel. Sing that He’s our safe refuge, yes, but try Him on for size too! It’s another way to trust Him. He likes it when we do that.